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Our Mission

Music and Lighting

With over 40 years of combined DJ experience we know how to rock a party and move a crowd! You have one chance to make an impression on your guests or clients.  If the DJ is not on point, forget it.  Top 40, Country, Rock, Latin, Hip Hop, Bollywood... bring it on!  We love it all and more importantly we mix it all.  Club Style!  No computer played playlists here!  Weddings, Corporate break outs, Sporting Events, Teen Parties, Anniversaries, Fashion Shows, Karaoke Parties, Birthdays, we do them all!



With this service, I always aim to create the atmosphere and emotion of the event. Lighting makes  the event that much more memorable, and a joy to share. A grand hotel or even museum, could not shine nearly as well without strategically placed lighting. Want to change the mood of a room, add uprights.  Imagine a concert of any kind without lights. Boring!  It is the single most important part of any event design.  Describe your event and we'll quickly come up with a lighting design that will make it look twice as amazing!!

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